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Berlin Fashion Film Festival Interview

Hello Arice, your film DYKYAQ makes the round! Congratulations on your outcome at a variety of prestigious festivals. At this year’s BFFF you achieved the gold award for best VFX and for best experimental video – Let’s talk a bit about your work and visions…

What was the inspiration behind DYKYAQ? The drive?

My work had never had anything to do with Fashion until 2015; when Embryo got selected at the Milan Fashion Film Festival. While sitting in the audience that day, I felt the urge of creating something new, that could be recognised and appreciated. So I started working on DYKYAQ; which, first of all, is a response to the need to ‘bring to life’ some technical skills acquired at uni. But, beyond the technical side of it, it is also an artistic outlet; dictated by a deep, personal need to share my point of view about some aspects of today’s society.

DYKYAQ is what I consider a ‘pure project’: while working on it, I had a variety of ‘visions’/‘pictures’ that used to pop up on my mind clearly (sometimes in the blink of an eye), while dreaming or while listening to certain artists (like Trentemøller, The Knife, Death in Vegas…). None of these visions had been contaminated by any brand or client – that’s a reason why I always felt at ease while working on them. I developed the work with the help of two talented collaborators: Marì Paduano (fashion stylist) who supported the development of the garments concept; and Lerloons (music composer), who took care of the soundtrack.

What’s the biggest challenge starting everything from scratch at your computers?

Trying to figure out what kind of workflow would work best for me is certainly the biggest challenge from time to time.
I needed a worflow that could allow me to work on my own, while achieving an almost photo-realistic result – thanks to the GPU technology. This workflow is a result of endless experimentations and attempts: I like combining advanced softwares’ potential and come up with something that one software alone can’t achieve. I had a full-time job that kept me busy most of the day… But when I got back home, I found the and willingness to keep working on DYKYAQ, thanks to the excitement and satisfaction I had from the results.

What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have? What inspires you?

I don’t actually have a specific routine that help me boost my creativity. In the past I tried to create moodboards or storyboards just like lots of creatives do; but I ended up being stuck. Most of the inspiration I get comes from listening to music: I visualise thing straight in my mind, without going through any pre-defined process.

Your film LURE was officially selected by the jury – We are overwhelmed by the endless amount of details! How did it all begin?

Lure got commissioned by Vogue for Iceberg, for the Milan Fashion Film Festival 2016. The reason behind the title is pretty straight-forward: I wanted to make a personal statement to share my point of view on Fashion Industry. I perceive a sort of constant solicitation to “look the way they want you to”, with the risk to repress your own identity in favour of a brand image.

You’ve attended this year’s festival, what was your best moment at BFFF?

My absolute best moment at BFFF was when Bruno Aveillan came by to let me know he appreciated DYKYAQ.
Receiving compliments by a world-renowned director made me feel like I was undertaking the right path with my work.

Working on a new masterpiece right now? What can we expect from you in the near future?

I’m working on a new fashion film right now indeed; coming out on February 2018. This project absolutely has no sort of connection with brands or client: the intent is to remain ‘pure’, avoiding any kind of money-driven contamination  (just like what happened with DYKYAQ.) Lately I’m intrigued by the topic of gender, so this is definitely something to expect in this new project. I’d like to overcome the limit between body and clothing. If Body is to Gender as Clothing is to Fashion, I’d like to change this proportion with a new ratio. Talking about what to expect, personally I’m striving to feel overwhelmed again during the act of creation. When I worked on DYKYAQ I had what I call a ‘Creative’s High’,  that comes from the pleasure of creating just for sake of it.

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