Arice is an Italian CG artist and director based in Dublin, Ireland.
His unique visual approach, in particular his fashion film work has seen him collaborate with designers such as Una Burke, fashion house Etro and Italian Vogue.

His methods are unconventional, bringing his talent as a CG artist to the creation of striking and unique visuals in a way that conventional photography or cinematography simply cannot. He effortlessly combines photorealism, hyper realism and surrealism to create new, exciting and expanded visual experiences and possibilities.

His 2019 identity film for the renowned OFFSET creative festival has seen him earn further recognition for his distinct visual style and creativity. Created with his team of fellow artists and musicians from his Windmill Lane studio, this project saw him draw upon his experience in fashion film to create a complex yet beautiful, emotional and powerful piece of visual communication.

Awards/ recognitions

  • Apr19 // Stash official collection Stash n.135 for Offset

  • Apr19 // Vimeo Staff Pick for OFFSET

  • Apr19 // Director and CG Artist for Offset Dublin Title Sequence

  • Aug18 // Speaker Gulg Dublin

  • Mar18 // Speaker main stage Offset Dublin

  • Sep17 // Grand Prix award and Best CGI Short Film(DYKYAQ) at Irish Design Awards

  • Sep17 // Best Italian Fashion film at Milano Fashion Film Festival for Etro

  • Jul17 // Best VFX Fashion Film at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

  • Jun17 // Best Experimental Fashion Film and Best/Gold VFX Fashion Film at Berlin Fashion Film Festival

  • May17 // Nomine Best Fashion Film and Best Editing 2017 at Canadian Fashion Film Festival

  • Nov16 // Best Editing at Santiago Fashion Film Festival

  • Jul16 // Vimeo Staff Pick for DYKYAQ