Arice wants to recast personal experiences and perceptions; which come to life thanks to 3D graphics. By arousing emotions, evoking forgotten memories, or galvanising visions to freely interpret; Arice lets the viewers wander into alternative worlds *through his eyes*. For his work he rejects any kind of label. Computer graphics are just a medium, for a wider purpose: streaming visions able to astonish and leave an emotional imprint.

Awards/ recognitions

  • Aug18 // Speaker Gulg Dublin
  • Mar18 // Speaker main stage Offset Dublin
  • Sep17 // Grand Prix award - Best CGI Short Film(DYKYAQ) at Irish Design Awards 
  • Sep17 // Best Italian Fashion film at Milano Fashion Film Festival for Etro
  • Jul17 // Best VFX Fashion Film at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
  • Jun17 // Best Experimental Fashion Film and  Best/Gold VFX Fashion Film at Berlin Fashion Film Festival
  • May17 // Nomine Best Fashion Film and Best Editing  2017 at Canadian Fashion Film Festival
  • Nov16 // Best Editing at Santiago Fashion Film Festival
  • Jul16 // Vimeo Staff Pick for DYKYAQ